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Kowa iPhone Adaptor

The new TSN-IP4S and an iPhone can turn a Kowa optic into a long-range camera.


Kowa has announced its new TSN-IP4S, an iPhone adapter that's designed to take digiscoping to an entirely new level.

The TSN-IP4S can be combined with a set of Kowa binoculars or a Kowa spotting scope, and allows your iPhone to take photos and videos that represent what you're seeing through your optics. In essence, the adapter is utilizing your optics to enhance your iPhone's capabilities. Connect your phone and you'll turn your iPhone's camera operations from a convenience to a legitimate tool in the field.

The TSN-IP4S fits iPhone 4 and 4S models. It comes with two standard rings—one for the BD/SV/YF series of binoculars and one for the 880/770 series of spotting scopes. Additional adapter rings for the company's Genesis 44 and 33 series of binoculars and TSN 660/600/82SV spotting scopes can be purchased separately.

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