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2013's Top Compound Bows, Part I (Page 2)

Looking for a new compound bow? Bob Robb saw 2013's lineup at the ATA Trade Show, and has highlighted 16 of the year's most impressive new models.

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6 Responses to 2013's Top Compound Bows, Part I (Page 2)

cody wrote:
September 10, 2014

Mathews... not the greatest specs. But overall great performance.

william wrote:
August 09, 2013

I shoot a 2008 High Country Iron mace @ 72 lbs. 367fps

Jeff wrote:
May 25, 2013

FrugalHunter, didn't see your comment till after I posted mine.So, Ignore my comment and enjoy that great shooting X-10

Jeff wrote:
May 25, 2013

Wow, no mention of High Country, who's new bow shoots at 365 fps. I guess I'm the only person who shoots these anymore. Shame when they make such great bows.

Rob wrote:
May 22, 2013

Some of these in this list amaze me that theyre listed. I think this article misses a few such as the Obsession Bows Knightmare, Prime Impact, and a few others.

FrugalHunter wrote:
March 16, 2013

After reading this, I am thrilled that I just bought a High Country Archery X-10 SpeedPro. It has some of the same designs as these bows, and I am very happy with the feel and draw of it. Price was snazzy too.