Remington Shows Off 2015 New Product Intro

October 14, 2014

Remington's annual media seminar, focusing on hunting and recreational shooting products, brought some surprises and new technologies, along with the return of some old favorites.

Bringing Birds Back from Mexico—What You Need to Know

October 03, 2014

For the table or for taxidermy, wingshooters have ample reason to want to bring back birds from hunts in Mexico. Here's a primer on the red-tape involved in doing so.

Whitetailers: Report to the Woods Now!

September 26, 2014

The next 10 days are prime time for scouting big bucks transitioning between summertime bachelor groups and fall breeding patterns.

Winchester Deer Season XP: Ammo We've Been Asking For

September 18, 2014

New cartridge line from Winchester seeks to make short work of recovering your deer.

A Midsummer Deer Hunt

August 07, 2014

Want to hunt deer in July? To hunt deer with a suppressor? To see bucks come bombing in to squeals made from a beech leaf? Here's a hunt in England that's tough to beat.

Britain’s Giant Game Fair

July 30, 2014

Britain's annual CLA Game Fair is the nation's largest unified voice in support of shooting and hunting ... and that's just the beginning!

What the Big Waterfowl Survey Numbers Tell Us about This Year’s Duck Season

July 14, 2014

Can we assume that an estimated eight percent jump in breeding ducks means we'll all see more birds at our blinds come fall?

Anti’s Crash the Party on Texas Co-Ed’s Facebook Page

July 03, 2014

Photos from an African safari draw threats and rants, and reveal a complete lack of understanding about wildlife management.

Kodiak: Reality TV with a Bear Problem

May 09, 2014

In the spirit of other popular Discovery shows based in Alaska comes this new series following three hunting families determined to prevail over hardship and danger in one of the remotest places on earth.

Public-Land Turkeys: Four Tips for Safety and Success

May 02, 2014

By adapting tactics to minimize encounters with other hunters, you can enjoy time in the woods and kill gobblers on busy public lands.