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A Member's Story: A Suprise Ending

This is your trophy board, not a glorification of the kill, but an exhibit showcasing men, women and youths who honestly love hunting.

In April of 2008, I was fortunate enough to draw a permit for Minnesota’s turkey hunting season. The first morning I went out with my dad I was not able to connect with a Tom, but it certainly was a thrill watching three jakes walk 10 yards in front of us. The second morning I went out by myself. I set up a single hen decoy and started yelping around 6:15 a.m. A mighty gobble bellowed back, so I put the call on the ground and readied myself. Within minutes, I saw a Tom sneaking through the brush, heading straight for my decoy. Then all of a sudden he stopped! I was certain he didn’t see me, likely just checking out the decoy more cautiously before pursuing his strut routine. After swiveling his head, checking things out, he did a U-turn, then took a hard left turn and headed for the opening to the left of my blind. I slowly raised my 12-gauge M2 Benelli and pointed the tip of the barrel out the left window of my blind. Within seconds, a spray of 4 shot entered the Tom with one pull of the trigger. Just like that, I had harvested my first turkey the second day of the season!

Back at my parent’s house, my dad and I weighed and cleaned it. But we soon heard a loud gobble from across the road, about 125 yards away. Since Dad hadn’t filled his tag yet, I suggested we jog to the area and try to call it in. He was reluctant at first, since he had other obligations, but after some minor teasing from me, he agreed.

We hunkered down and I began calling, but with no success. We resumed turkey cleaning, when a few minutes into it, we heard a thunderous gobble from across the pond on Dad’s property, about 100 yards from us. We immediately began trekking through the woods in a large half circle to get closer to where we thought the Tom was. My dad settled into a pile of rotting pine logs and I set up 15 yards behind him in a large bush. I yelped three short times and the Tom returned fire instantaneously.

I placed the call down and sat motionless. Within seconds, two toms came looking for love and walked directly in front of my dad. With one shot, he downed the larger bird and had filled his tag! The emotion at that point was tremendous, especially for my dad, as he never expected to get a turkey on his property. He stood up and threw his hat to the ground in a display of happiness and excitement and we shook hands on the great moment that had just happened. It was a scene straight out of a hunting show.

We were extremely grateful to have the season end on day two with two toms for us within two hours!

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