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Let the Winchester Ballistics Calculator help you become a better shooter.

Winchester Ballistics Calculator
The new Winchester Ammunition Ballistics Calculator, touted as a cutting-edge program, has hit the Web with force. The calculator uses innovative technology to offer ballistics information to hunters and shooters who want to save time, money and ammo.

Users choose their type of ammunition and compare up to five different Winchester products with easy-to-read, high-tech ballistic charts and graphs. You can customize shooting conditions by entering wind speed and outside temperature, adjust zero marks for sighting in and then print the ballistics for later reference on the range or in the field.

Winchester teamed up with Quilogy, a Missouri-based IT and marketing consulting company, to develop the state-of-the-art system. The ballistics calculator was built using Microsoft Silverlight, a technology that integrates seamlessly into a Web browser and allows the user to run highly advanced software applications. For more, go to

BowHunter Chuck Adams Edition Laser Rangefinder
When the world leader in laser rangefinder technology and the world’s most successful bowhunter put their heads together on a project, it’s bound to produce an impeccable result. Such is the case with the Bowhunter Chuck Adams Edition laser rangefinder.

Extremely lightweight and compact, the new product from Bushnell works at all angles, excelling from treestands and steep terrain thanks to the Angle Range Compensation. With a push of a button it calculates the “shoots-like” distance based on the angle of your shot. Switch to bow mode, and the unit simultaneously displays line-of-sight, angle and true horizontal distance from five to 99 yards. It also provides line-of-sight distance from five to 800 yards, so the bowhunter who also rifle hunts isn’t left wanting. Its rugged, rainproof housing is dressed in Realtree AP camo for concealment. For more, go to

Under Armour Tech Antler T-Shirt
Get a performance upgrade from your cotton T-shirt with this new design from Under Armour. The T-shirt's patented UA Tech fabric moves moisture away from your body keeping you cool, dry and comfortable. It offers an ultra-sharp design, a stretch fit and an opportunity for hunters to show off their passion anywhere, anytime. Its Raglan sleeve construction allows for total mobility and a full range of motion, while eliminating shoulder seam and rough abrasions. For more, go to

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